• 518 trees

    16 January at 17:08 from atlas

    Today I replaced all the dead and missing trees and planted a few extras to bring our tally to 518 healthy trees. With the awesome rains ...

  • new photos

    15 June at 21:24 from atlas

    check out our Facebook page to see some great new photos

  • latest update

    12 November at 16:21 from atlas

    Well not much has happened over the last year. 50 cows from the state forest pushed through fences and damaged some trees so ...

  • Brumbies have gone

    2 September at 20:35 from atlas

    Well after 10 gruelling months I have managed to get rid of the brumbies. The failed attempts included: ...

  • Winter Wonderland

    24 June at 07:38 from atlas

    Well the temperatures are getting to -5 now. Beautiful frosts, odd snow and warm fires. The brumbies are now residents .... unwelcome ...

  • Brumby update

    7 May at 13:59 from atlas

    Well I have started the first instalment of 4km of temporary electric fencing. Despite all the advice... some great and some worrying, I ...

  • bushfires and brumbies

    25 February at 21:26 from atlas

    Well after 5 weeks of Alpine bushfires and some very close calls, the fire is finally under some sort of control. I went up to check on ...

  • Winter is over

    2 October at 16:28 from atlas

    Well, winter is over and the tree count has been done. 23 did not survive the awful winter and 11 were looking a bit sick. After a good ...

  • Easter final planting for 2012

    12 April at 09:42 from atlas

    April 1-10 2012 ...

  • Planting starts

    14 March at 12:07 from atlas

    Well labour day weekend was a big one for planting. We firstly collected all our plant pink planting system equipment off Marnie Ellis ...


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